Soundcloud Manager Documentation

Documentation for Soundcloud Manager - Soundcloud bot / automation software

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Advanced Processing Options Right Click

<img advanced_processing_right_click.png>

Right clicking on an action in the processing tab will bring up the above menu which gives some advanced options for your actions


Repeat this action


If the action is not running you can specify to pause this item so it is not processed when it's turn comes

Save Actions Without / with schedule Date

The action can be saved to disk and then imported to run again at a later date. To load the saved action back, click the IMPORT button on the Processor Tab.

Edit Action

Select this option to be able to modify the main settings of the action. Actions can only be modified if they are waiting - they can not be modified whilst processing. After selecting this option a text file will open listing the settings that can be modified.

The file will be formated


Please be warned, entering invalid values may have expected consequences.

Copy Action and Edit

The same as Edit Action, but rather than modifying the selected action, a new action is created as a copy of the selected and the new actions can be modified

Change Repeat Every Hours

Change how often your action is repeated

Run Next

Set this action to be the next processable action


Change the scheduled date or give the action a date when it can run


Multi select actions and then randomise when should run

Custom Name

Give your actions a custom name that will appear in the Description column to help you identify the action