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Head over to our youtube channel for the full list of tutorials.
Soundcloud Manager Beginners Quick Guide Series Soundcloud Manager SeriesA: Beginners Guide to Get verified list of proxies / Create Accounts / Increase Likes Soundcloud Manager All Beginners Tutorials ASoundcloud Manager All Video Tutorials Video tutorials - Rootjazz

Soundcloud Bot Blog

Check out the new Soundcloud Bot blog for the latest tricks / tips / guides / tutorials / videos / links and rants.


Will Soundcloud Manager run on a Mac?
Soundcloud Manager is a Windows application but will run on any OS in a Virtual Environment using VMWare, Parallels, Virtual Box, Bootcamp or any other Virtualisation Software

Can you build me XYZ bot?
For custom work at affordable prices, please contact us here

The software cost is only one time or on a subscription basis?

One time cost. There will never be a subscription charge for the product or support

How many systems can I install on?
You get 3 licenses to use on your machines. These licenses are for you (the purchaser) They may not be sold or given away.

How long your website running? I mean when started?
Application was released around Dec 2012 / Jan 2013

Are you sure life time updates are free?
Yes. But please do be aware, by life time updates, this is same as any other software when they say "life time updates". It is the life time of the software, not *your* lifetime.

If I am not satisfied will you offer 100% refund within one month without asking any question?
Yes I will refund (for any reason, whether it doesn't work for you, or you don't like it, or even if you just wanted to give your tracks some plays, now you have done that and want your money back grrrr lol), but I will ask you why. If you had problems, didn't like something, or wanted another feature, I would like to know so I can improve the software. You don't have to answer, I will still process the refund

Any discount if buy more than one your programs? e.g. mixcloud funked and soundcloud manager
Yes, you can contact me and we can discuss depending on what they want to buy.