Soundcloud Manager Documentation

Documentation for Soundcloud Manager - Soundcloud bot / automation software

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Config settings

Your config folder allows you to specify a few advanced settings that we have't bothered to create controls for :-)

Open your config directory via HELP > CONFIG

The following config files can be created

nologs.txt This will stop the program logging.

do_not_cancel_failed_in_row.txt The search actions will stop if you fail to process a single item successfully in about 10 tries. It is assumed if it fails this many times in a row, something is wrong. Your account / the program. To avoid hammer the site's server and perhaps risking your account, the action will stop. If you don't want this safety check, turn it off. Not recommended

PROC_VIEW_CLEANUP.txt This config file will tell the processor to remove completed / failed items automatically after a time period

emailnotify.txt If you want to get notified via email when the program is updated, create this file and include your POP account details in the format

email address, password, pop host, pop port

delete_db_logged_every_24_hours.txt All the items the program has processed and recorded to avoid processing duplicate items can be deleted every 24 hours automatically (should you want to - you probably don't)