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Soundcloud limits the total number of users you can follow at any one time. Once you reach this level or approach it, then you will want to unfollow some users you have followed. There are two main options

  1. Unfollow bot follows
  2. Scrape your followings then unfollow

1) Unfollow bot follows

This will use the database logs of who the program followed and unfollow those users

2) Scrape your followings then unfollow

The program will scrape all the users you are current following, then in oldest first order unfollow them

Unfollow List

Additionally, if you have a specific list of accounts to unfollow, you can use the Unfollow from List functionality.

Whitelist - Do not unfollow:

Specify users who will never be unfollowed

Only Unfollow After X days

If you are running a bot follows unfollow action, Soundcloud Manager can use it's database records to know for how long you have been following each account, if you want to wait X amount of days before unfollowing a user, you can specify that value here. This is useful, as not every user logs into soundcloud every day, thus may not notice you following them, set this value to 14 (2 weeks) then it is safe to assume if this user is going to notice you and follow you back they would have done so within this period

Only unfollow if followed by bot

Only users followed by the bot will be unfollowed, the others who you followed manually in the browser will not be unfollowed)

Unfollow if user is inactive

If a user has not been active on Soundcloud within the specified days, they will be unfollowed. There is no point following accounts which no longer appear to be using soundcloud

Do Not Unfollow if following you

You can also specify whether to not unfollow users if they are following you. If you check this option, before the action InstaDUB will scrape your followers, then check the user to unfollow is in that list.

Ensure following before attempt unfollow

Before sending the unfollow request to soundcloud, Soundcloud Manager can verify you are still following an account. This is useful if you perform a lot of actions manually yourself in the browser which Soundcloud Manager is not aware of and can avoid you sending inaccurate requests to soundcloud (unfollow this user you are not following)