Soundcloud Manager Documentation

Documentation for Soundcloud Manager - Soundcloud bot / automation software

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Scraper / Search Tab

The scrape tab allows you to perform
any scrape / search and save the result to a file. The results will be saved to your Saved Data directory, found by the menu item HELP > SAVED

You can perform the default searches used on the action tabs and build a custom search. All searches can have a filter applied and the number of results wanted specified.

Email Scraping

You can scrape email addresses that artists have entered to their bio. Using the "Scrape Emails From Profile" function, if you provide a filepath of profile URLs, Soundcloud Manager will check all profiles for email addresses. The option

The option "scrape profile details", if checked will save out a CSV of details for each profile that included an email address, unchecked and just the email address is saved.

Additionally, whilst performing a normal scrape, you can store any emails that are found in the results of your search in a separate file, to do this, check the option "Scrape Emails returned by searches if possible". Please note, this works on the searches where the profile bio is returned during the search itself, no additional calls will be made. This will work for some searches and not others