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Mass Actions


Mass actions tend to cause some confusion, how are they different to normal actions? The mass actions are intended to bulk perform a single item using multiple accounts. For example, you may want to use 100 of your accounts to like a specific track, making the track appear more popular. You want to use 100 accounts to follow a profile, because that person has paid you to give them 100 followers. Each item you process will have it's own action. So, if you specify a text file of 10 profile URLs to Mass Follow, you will end up with 10 actions, one action for each profile to mass follow.

Max Items

The number of items to process. Lets say you selected 100 of your accounts and create a Mass Follow with 10 Max Items (Max Follows). Then 10 accounts from your 100 accounts will be selected at random to perform the follows.

Pause Min-Max

Specify a minimum and maximum value, after actioning an item the action will pause for a random amount between the specified minimum and maximum values.

Repeat X hours

Repeat the action every X hours

Num Repeats

The number of times to allow the action to be repeated

Num Threads

As you will probably be using multiple accounts, you can perform multiple of your Mass Actions at once using this option. This will process the specified number of actions at any one time.

Unique / Perform Once

Ensure each account will only ever attempt to action the item once.

Schedule / Daily Runner

Using the schedule control you can specify when your action should run. The other scheduling option is Daily Runner. This will make sure the action runs at the same time every day. eg. Daily Runner 2pm. At 2pm (14:00) the action will start, then on completion schedule itself for 2pm / 1400 the next day

Mass Action Incest

An Incest action is when your accounts will all action on each other. A Mass Follow Incest Action of 10 accounts means all 10 accounts will follow all other accounts in the action. So acc1 will follow acc2, acc3 ...acc10 and acc2 will follow acc1, acc3... acc10 etc. Mass Incests can be limited, so rather than action on all other items, if you set Max Actions to 3, each account will follow 3 other of the selected accounts.