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Documentation for Soundcloud Manager - Soundcloud bot / automation software

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Watch New Followers


The Watch New Followers module allows you to detect new followers to your account and then action on them. When a new follower is detected you can specify:

  • Follow back
  • Send a direct message

Set Messages

To set the messages to leave on tracks, click the Set Messages button.

The set messages control is a multi comment multi line control. Meaning, each line represents a different message that will be used sequentially. If you enter your messages as below


and you create an action to messages on two profiles. The first profile would get the comment: Hi #USERNAME#, really liked your track #LATEST_TRACK_URL#

The second profile would get: Hey #FIRST_NAME#, loved #RAND_TRACK_NAME#

When you have set your messages you will see the icon of an envelope appear next to the Set Message button, to remove the specified messages, click the X button next to the envelope icon


You may be wondering what #USERNAME# #LATEST_TRACK_URL# etc are. They are tokens. When the actual message is sent, the token will be replaced with the correct value for the user you are posting to.

#USERNAME#: is replaced with the profile you are messaging username. #LATEST_TRACK_URL# is replaced with the URL of their latest track etc.

To insert tokens, you can select from the dropdown and click "insert"


Check for Followers Every

Specify how often to check for new followers. In order to check for new followers, Soundcloud Manager will scrape your followers. Due to this, you do not want to check for new followers too often as Soundcloud have stated explicitly not to

Pause After Action

Add a delay to avoid performing too many actions too quickly


specify a list users not to react to