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Soundcloud Manager promo video showing why you should use Soundcloud Manager instead of Buying Soundcloud Likes. Soundcloud Likes are a great indicator other users like your track and are an integral part of a soundcloud promotional strategy
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Why buy Soundcloud Likes when you can find out how to gain an UNLIMITED AMOUNT of Soundcloud Likes for a one time purchase!!!

Soundcloud Manager gives you all the tools you need to handle your own Soundcloud Promotion. Don't pay the frankly extortionate prices some ask for Soundcloud Likes / Favourites promotional services. The accounts used to give your Soundcloud Track Likes are quickly made with little to no care in the quality and how these users appear. Real names do not match usernames, avatars not uploaded, the accounts are likely to be bulk used for other services that just screams FAKE ACCOUNTS a mile off. No, no one is going to give as much care and effort to promoting your music as you will do.

Soundcloud Manager allows you to create realistic accounts that you can used to give your tracks Likes. These accounts are can email verified or non-email verified, your call. The accounts can be given avatars, an artist bio, have tracks uploaded to them, all your accounts can be told to follow each other in a mass incestual follow orgy :-). You can bulk automate these accounts to go off to soundcloud and:

  • Listen to tracks
  • Search and favourite a few other tracks
  • Search and follow some users
  • Drop a few comments
These actions will provide a real indicator to any one checking your accounts that they are real accounts, that are currently active on soundcloud. All these actions can be set to repeat once a week, every day or when you want to keep them on the soundcloud active users list

By giving your tracks Likes / Favorites it is a strong social signal indicator to real users who find your tracks, that this track is worth listening to. Very few users will take the time to listen to a track from an artist they do not know if it has 0 favourites / 0 plays / 0 comments. So giving your tracks an initial boost is a great promotional strategy before getting user interaction by utilising other Soundcloud Manager techniques

For a full feature run down, check out the Soundcloud Manager Features page

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