Increase Soundcloud Favourites

Have a track favourited is by no means the most important social signal of your tracks popularity but it is an important factor none the less. Increasing your track favourites should not be ignored, and should not be a once off activity. Track favourites are weekly viewable metric that display next to track.

Using Soundcloud Manager, the automation bot, makes this process so straight forward it almost does it by itself. Using your created accounts, enter your track URL and click the GO button. This can be scheduled, so increasing your soundcloud track favourites can happen each week, giving you a healthy number of favourites each week.

Favouriting a track lets people know that others have really liked your music. Many people will listen to a track, but they have to REALLY love it in order to go to the effort of favouriting. Soundcloud Manager makes this process ridiculously easy for you. Simply select the accounts you want to use, enter your track and click favourite. Gain 1000s of track favourites in seconds.

For a full feature run down, check out the Soundcloud Manager Features page

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