Increase Soundcloud Followers

Increasing your followers is an awesome way to generate a buzz about your tracks. Users have gone out of their way to follow you and listen to your music. When a new Soundcloud user lands on your profile, whether they consciously or subsconsiously realise they are looking for a few indicators of whether to stay or move on. An artist with a good number of followers, tracks that have been listened to, tracks with comments, tracks that have been favourited, all indicate to the user, this is an artist I want to check out.

The problem mainly budding artist have is getting over the initial hump. If hardly any users check out a new artist, how do the new artists gain the initial plays / followers / comments required to shine out above the rest? If can be hard in this day and age, with the availablity of pro-audio software tools for all, when it seems like every man and his dog is laying down the next new thumping track.

So you want to give yourself an edge, get yourself over that hurdle, you want to increase your followers anyway you can. Well why not, you put up flyers to get people to notice you, you distribute your music for all to hear, you play gigs free, why not give your Soundcloud profile a bit of play to make it shine.

Using the latest Soundcloud Automation bot, Soundcloud Manager, you are able to increase your followers in two ways. 1)Create multiple accounts and have these accounts follow you 2) Use the tried and tested follow and unfollow technique

Soundcloud Manager can automatically follow upto 2000 (a soundcloud limit) real users. After a specific amount of time (that you can set) Soundcloud Manager will unfollow the same users ( you can specify to unfollow all users, or just those that haven' t followed you back for full control in increasing your followers. During this waiting period (And even after wards aswell, 20-30% of these users will follow you back! Once you are no longer following the maximum amount of 2000 users, you can now follow another 2000 users and repeat and repeat.

Soundcloud Manager allows you to automate this action and repeat it, gaining 1000s of followers in a short amount of time. You can schedule this process to run weekly, or daily or whenever you want.

But how do you find the users to follow? Well, in many ways. Obviously there is not much point in gaining followers who only listen to classic music if you are a death metal band. Soundcloud Manager can follow users based on a search term, or by searching for users in specific groups, by following users who are in groups that match a search term, by following followers of another user and many more methods...

For a full feature run down, check out the Soundcloud Manager Features page

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