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Guaranteed Guide to Soundcloud Promotional Success

Soundcloud is the place to be for an aspiring musician, DJ, producer or MC. But in order to get your Soundcloud page to shine above the rest you are going to have to take the bull by the horns and do something about it.

The good news is, there are a few actions you can perform, that will really give your Soundcloud Promotion a push and increase the exposure for your Soundcloud tracks.

All of the tasks below can be perform automatically using SoundcloudManager, which is a Soundcloud Promotion Bot. SoundcloudManager will just perform the tasks you would have done manually, no more no less. You need to use a soundcloud bot, it just speeds up the process and frees your time to focus on your music

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Soundcloud Promotion Tip #1

Boost Soundcloud stats

When users come to your profile and track pages, you do not want them to see an empty track. By empty I mean 0 plays, 0 likes, 0 comments. It basically screams "I am not worth listening too".

Use the PLAYS INCREASER tab in SoundcloudManager to give your track at least a 1000 plays, you don't need to go overboard and give it 100k, a 1000 is plenty. Use the verified proxies for the plays to create unverified accounts and they instruct these to like and repost your track. To give your track some comments, you will need verified soundcloud accounts. Either buy some email accounts or go signup a handful. Use these email accounts to create verified accounts then they will be able to comment on your track. 5+ accounts is all you need. Then instruct these accounts to comment on the track multiple times until you have about 20 comments, making your waveform have the appearance of a trending track

Soundcloud Promotion Tip #2

Sharing is Caring

Using the Groups tab within SoundcloudManager, find 75 quality groups that have a good number of members. We will be using this list to share our track to and we do not want to waste a share by posting our track to a group with no members. Once you have your list, add it to the Share To Group tab. Setup the action so Soundcloud Manager will share your track to 75 groups (the maximum allowed by Soundcloud) for 1-3 days. By unsharing your track from the group and resharing, the track will be re-inserted to the top of the pile!. Note, you can perform this unshare-reshare action on an hourly basis, but we don't want to annoy the group to much so feel 1,2 or 3 days is best

Soundcloud Promotion Tip #3

Get Involved

Soundcloud is a social site, so share the love. Listen to others' tracks. Like tracks, Follow users, Repost tracks, Comment on tracks. By performing these actions, other Soundcloud users will get notifications that you interacted with them and will more than likely come check out your profile and tracks. The more you are interacted with Soundcloud, the more users interact with you. It is a simple numbers game.

Now, there are limits to what you can do. You can only follow a maximim of 2000 users at a time. But Soundcloud limits the numbers of followers you can do in an hour / day week, so take it easy. Soundcloud Manager allows you pause between actions and to repeat an action every X hours. USE THEM. Take it slow and steady. Do some promotional actions daily, not just once a week.

As your actions are limited by unknown Soundcloud limits, you want to make the most of your actions. You want to be following ACTIVE Soundcloud users, not users who haven't been on the site for over a year. Luckily Soundcloud Manager makes it easy to perform this via a "user online check" and the ability to search for tracks that were uploaded in the last hour / day / week and search for artists who have uploaded tracks within the same timer periods.

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SoundcloudManager Promotion Setup

Soundcloud Manager comes with an advanced Promotion module that allows you to easily and quickly setup a promotional campaign. Simply enter your account details and Soundcloud Manager does the rest! Soundcloud Manager will scrape a list of all tags you have assigned to your tracks and use these for searching for tracks and artists who uploaded these tracks to perform actions upon. Additionally, you can enter a selection of similiar artists and have their tracks and followers also actioned upon.

Not only that, Soundcloud Manager will run statistical analysis on all your tracks and profile data and display the progress of your promotions to you so you can see the benefits Soundcloud Manager is giving you.

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Guaranteed Soundcloud promotion success using Soundcloud Manager
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