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Soundcloud Manager is the most advanced Soundcloud Bot available today. It has a feature far in advanced of all the competition. It is bigger, faster, harder, stronger than the rest. Download Soundcloud Manager Today!
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It may not be free, but it is as close to free asy you can get for the functionality provided. If Soundcloud Manager were free, it would not give you the edge over the competition. There are reasons why some programs are free, and that the Soundcloud Bot Free programs you get do not benefit your Soundcloud Promotion. Sometimes in life, you have to pay for the best, this applies to Sex, drugs and Rock'N'Rool (as well as Soundcloud Manager :-)

Soundcloud Manager gives you all the tools you need to handle your own Soundcloud Promotion. No need to pay for external Soundcloud Promotion services anymore. No need to rely on dumb luck to get your music noticed. Use Soundcloud Manager and do something about making this happen

Soundcloud Manager provides a full automation suite of applications giving you FULL automation ability of the Soundcloud website. The only Soundcloud bot to do so.

Using Soundcloud Manager you can:

  • Increase Soundcloud Plays
  • Gain REAL Followers
  • Increase Followers
  • Increase Track Likes
  • Engage Soundcloud users
  • Increase Track Comments
  • Bulk Create Accounts
  • Scrape and Filter lists of Users / Tracks
  • Advanced Track Search
  • Advanced User Search
  • Bulk Track Reposting
  • and so much more

Don't waste time, if you are serious about your music then you need a serious tool that provides full Soundcloud Functionality, that is constantly maintained, constantly updated and improved. Soundcloud Manager created by a company of music fans that appreciate all the great music you guys have produced and that we have listened to and has enhanced our lives over the years.

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