Increase Soundcloud Track Comments

Nothing speaks more volumes about the popularity of your music, then having users comment on your music. Increasing Soundcloud track comments is an instant visual indicator to users that when they see your track, if it is filled with avatars and comment lines, that this track is worth listening to.

Tests have shown that users will naturally gravitate to the track on a page of many tracks (such as a group) that have more comments than the others. Due to this increasing your track comments is one of the most important social signal as it is right there in front of the users to see.

What better way of increasing your track comments, than by doing it yourself. Soundcloud Manager, the latest Soundcloud bot to hit the market makes this task childs play. 1)Automatically create some accounts. 2) Enter some comments (or scrape them from another track) 3) Select your track URL and click Go.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to increase your tracks comments using Soundcloud Manager.

What more social proof of your tracks popularity do you need?

For a full feature run down, check out the Soundcloud Manager Features page

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