Increase Soundcloud Shares

Soundcloud allows you to share your tracks to any other user on soundcloud via share to group and share to user.Increasing your soundcloud track shares is a great way of showing off your music

Sharing is a fantastic way of getting your music "out there". Sharing your track to groups will directly put your music in a space where fans of your genre will be able to access your music easily. Sharing your tracks direct to users, is a personal way to contact and start conversation with your fans and fans to be.

Soundcloud Manager can find users who are interested in your genre of music and directly share your tracks with them. Being able to find users to share your tracks to thus increase your soundcloud shares automatically is a massive time saver. A fantastic method for getting your music out there and in the ears of users.

Soundcloud also allows you to share your music to Soundcloud Groups. Soundcloud Manager can search for groups and share your groups to the groups it finds, or it can share your track to a group your directly select.

However, this feature (group sharing) is limited on a free account (the majority of accounts on soundcloud)! You are only able to share one track to one group at a time. Soundcloud Manager can be set up to share a track to a group for a period of days, before removing the track from that group and adding it to another group, of course, this happens automatically.

If you have a premium account do not think you are left out! You can specify the number of groups your account types allows you to have, whether that is 70, 200, 500 etc. Soundcloud Manager will now be able to share a single track to this many groups for a period of days. After this period expires, the tracks will be removed and shared to another 70, 200, 500 groups.

As some groups are extremely popular, your track will soon start sinking down the list of tracks shared to the group. A UNIQUE feature of Soundcloud Manager is that Soundcloud Manager can remove and re-share your track to the same group every day, thus ensuring your track is ALWAYS in a prominient position within that group!

If you increase your soundcloud shares, you increase your musics scope, which cannot be a bad thing.

For a full feature run down, check out the Soundcloud Manager Features page

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