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* Please note this is a Windows applications. If you are using another operating system, you will need to run the software in a VM, such as VMWare, Parallels, VirtualBox, BootCamp etc.


Certain mail providers block our mails. @hotmail @outlook @gmx @web.de @comcast and some custom domain email providers (godaddy). If you do not receive your licensing details within an hour, please contact us and provide the EMAIL YOU USED TO PAY WITH

To ensure you receive all our mails please white list the following accounts

Pay with Card

After purchase, please send us an email from the purchase email and include any relevant transaction IDs. The license will be resent after receiving your email so please take into account timezone, weekends and holidays before sending an angry mail saying you haven't received your license details :-)

Pay with card - click here

 payment address

Pay with Cryptocurrency

Pay with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency

Please write to us to find out how to pay with BTC and other ALT coins

payment address

Cryptocurrency can be purchased with a debit / credit card at exchanges at (country limitations may apply / verification required):


For people in the US, things may be tricky depending on your state laws, but generally coinbase.com would be best option (I think).

For more help on purchasing cryptocurrencies: Crypto purchase help

Alternative Payment Methods

  • Paxum
  • Payoneer
  • Wise
  • Advcash
  • Skrill / Moneybookers

Contact us for more information on how to pay using alternative payment methods:

payoneer payment address

Pay with Paypal

Payment with Paypal disabled for foreseeable future, please contact us for payment methods via email

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