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Why Buy Soundcloud Plays when you can find out how to gain an UNLIMITED NUMBER of Soundcloud Plays for a one time purchase using the 100% SATISIFACTION GUARANTEED backed Soundcloud Promotion tool, SoundcloudManager.

Soundcloud Manager gives you all the tools you need to handle your own Soundcloud Promotion. Don't pay the frankly extortionate prices some service providers ask for Soundcloud Plays and Download promotional services.

Take control of your Soundcloud Plays promotion and give your tracks the exact number of plays you want and WHEN you want. How realistic is a track getting 10,000 plays one day then just a couple every week after? Shouts PURCHASED PLAYS to me, you?

Much better then to set up a repeat Soundcloud Manager AUTO-BOT plays routine to run every day, that will give your track 100, 500, 1000 (or more) plays EACH and EVERY day automatically, without you having to do ANYTHING. This will keep your Total Plays looking healthy as well as your WEEKLY stats.

But not only give your tracks plays, Soundcloud Manager will also do Downloads as well.

Having you been buying Soundcloud plays from service providers? Then watch this video and see how easy it is to give plays to your own tracks. In a few clicks you can give 100,1000, 10000 or more!

"But what there a minute, I have 100+ tracks, I don't want to have to input all those URLs to your application". Well of course you don't, your time is best spent making music. So all you have to do is enter your Soundcloud Profile URL, click the button to Save List of Track Urls, then this saved list of track URLs can be used to Increase ALL your soundcloud tracks at the same time. Awesome!

When you buy soundcloud plays, this has to just be part of your Soundcloud Promotion. Plays alone are not going to get your new real followers, real likes, real comments and real users intereaction with you and your tracks. For this you need to run real Soundcloud Promotinal campaigns, aimed at users with an interest in your genres, and or based in your local area so can turn up to your next gig. No Soundcloud service provider offers these kinds of services, because they cannot. Soundcloud Manager comes with a unique promotion module that will setup up everything you need to do to run a successful promotion strategy on Soundcloud. Not only that, but Soundcloud Manager will scrape stats for your tracks and profile and display these to you in an easy to read chart, showing you the progress your tracks are making!

Watch this youtube video to see how easy it is to give all your tracks FREE and UNLIMITED plays

For a full feature run down, check out the Soundcloud Manager Features page

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Soundcloud Manager promo video showing why you should use Soundcloud Manager instead of Buying Soundcloud Plays. Giving your track plays stats a boost is a great strategy to gain real life listens / fans / user interaction and is an essential part of a well rounded Soundcloud Promotional Campaign
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