Soundcloud Automation Bot.

Soundcloud is without doubt the biggest and most popular music / musician / producer / DJ based social network on the internet today. Millions of users are sharing, listening and having conversations with the artists who were once several steps removed from the fans.

Having this huge fanbase at your fantastic opportunity that has never happened before in the music industry. Previously PR people cajoled and bribed their way to getting their tracks into the music press and onto the airwaves. But not any more!

Soundcloud allows you to take your promotion direct to the users. But where to begin?

Using the Soundcloud Manager automation, everything you would normally do manually on the Soundcloud site can now be run automatically, taking just a couple of minutes to setup.

The Soundcloud Manager software can promote your tracks, find you new fans, share your tracks, send messages, add comments and so much more.

Why spend your time on promoting your tracks / music / beats when your time could be better spent creating new songs or tracks. Let Soundcloud Manager the promotion, whilst you make the music.

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For a full feature run down, check out the Soundcloud Manager Features page

Increase Soundcloud playsUnlimited Plays Increaser
Increase Soundcloud plays
Give your tracks as many plays and as often as you want
Increase Soundcloud downloadsUnlimited Downloads Increaser
Increase Soundcloud downloads
Give your tracks as many downloads and as often as you want
Soundcloud repost botUnlimited Track Reposting
Soundcloud Repost Bot
Unique feature to Soundcloud Manager NOT found in any other bot! Use your Soundcloud Accounts to repost your tracks as many times and as often as you want
Increase Soundcloud followersIncrease Soundcloud Followers
Gain real organic followers for your accounts
Using the intelligent Follow / Unfollow feature you will increase your Soundcloud followers with real, targeted, genre specific users who will soon become your raving fans. Set the process to repeat for a truly automated setup!
watch for Soundcloud followersFollower Watch
Respond to new followers
Yet another Soundcloud Manager EXCLUSIVE feature. Setup a watch process to check for new followers to your account. When you receive a new follower, follow them back, send them a message and or share one of your tracks.
Increase Soundcloud followersMass Follow
Increase Soundcloud Followers
Give your account follower stats a boost by using your mass created accounts
Increase Soundcloud sharesShare Tracks To Groups
Automated track exposure
Search and share your Soundcloud tracks to Soundcloud groups automatically to 100s of groups. Remove and reshare the tracks to ensure a top placement within the group gaining you as much exposure as possible
Increase Soundcloud sharesShare Tracks To Users
Direct track exposure
Share your tracks directly to a targeted list of users or search and share on particular keywords, ensuring your tracks share to the users interested in your genre
Increase Soundcloud favouritesIncrease Soundcloud Favourites
Unlimited like potential
Using your created accounts you can give your tracks a regular Favourite boost
Increase Soundcloud favouritesSearch and Favourite Tracks
Favourite Soundcloud tracks
Search and favourite other users tracks, more often and not these users will come and check out your tracks! Exclusive feature to Soundcloud Manager, Play the track BEFORE favouriting the track, to make your Favouriting appear more realistic.
Increase Soundcloud commentsIncrease your Soundcloud Comments
Boost your Soundcloud track comment
Using your created accounts you can give your tracks an unlimited number of comments as often as you want.
Increase Soundcloud commentsSearch and Comment on Tracks
Comment on Soundcloud tracks
Search and comment on other tracks, the users will more often than not come and check our your profile and list to your tracks. Direct Promotion at it's best. Exclusive feature to Soundcloud Manager, Play the track BEFORE commenting on the track. To avoid commenting on a track that hasn't been played in weeks, check the box to play the track first, making your comment appear genuine and realistic
Soundcloud comment scraperComment Scraper
Unique to Soundcloud Manager
Unsure what comments to post? Then use the EXCLUSIVE Comment Scraper routine to scrape comments from any other Soundcloud Track Page
post Soundcloud group commentsGroup Posting
Send groups messages
Post to Soundcloud Groups related to your genre and watch the members come check out your tracks
bulk create Soundcloud accountsAccount Creator
Mass create accounts
Use the bulk account creator feature to mass create accounts for your promotional methods
free proxy scraperProxy Scraper / Validator
Free proxies for ever
Soundcloud Manager comes with a powerful proxy scraper, giving you 1000s of proxies to use on a daily basis
free Soundcloud scraperScrape User List
Scrape lists of Soundcloud Users
Using the Soundcloud scraper you can scrape lists of users for your own use in ways I haven't thought of
Soundcloud Email scraperEmail Scraper
Direct email marketing
Soundcloud Manager can scrape user profiles and return lists of any users that have displayed their personal email address. Unlike other softwares, Soundcloud Manager will save a CSV file including username, real name, email, profile URL and permalink.
soundcloud scraper filter listFilter User List
Filter lists of users based on user properties
Easily filter your scraped lists of users based on number of tracks, number of favourites made, number of comments, track genres, user location and more
soundcloud filterFilter Tracks List
Filter lists of tracks based on track properties
Easily filter your scraped lists of tracks based on (weekly or total) number of plays, number of favourites, number of comments, date track uploaded and more
Advanced User Statistical ReportingAdvanced User Statistical Reporting
View account properties
At a glance view of how many followers / followings, number followed in 24 hours, number unfollowed in 24 hours, number of tracks, number of favourites made, number of comments made and more
Advanced User Statistical ReportingAdvanced Groups Statistical Reporting
View group statisticas
At a glance view of how many members / tracks and comments have been made to a particular group. Find out what groups are worth joining / sharing your tracks and posting on the message boards
Account TaggingAccount Tagging
Easily find Accounts for specific tasks
Tag your accounts with any number of tags for ease of splitting accounts into certain groups
Soundcloud Multi Account FollowSoundcloud Multi Account Follow
Split use follows across multiple accounts
Scrape users to follow and then split up all users to follow across multiple accounts. Advanced account following management at your finger tips
Soundcloud unfavourite botSoundcloud unfavourite bot
Unfavourite tracks for your accounts
If you have been favouriting many tracks in order to make contact with users and fear your account may look strange with 20k+ favourites, then use the Soundcloud Manager Unfavourite function to reduce this down to a realistic amount
Unique Action SelectionUnique Action Selection
Specify that accounts will only perform a single action on a single user just once
Favourite a track just once, comment on track just once, follow a user just once. Avoid annoyance to other users by performing an action to a single user just once (unlike other programs!)
Soundcloud track uploader botSoundcloud Track Uploader bot
Unload tracks to your accounts
Easily upload tracks to your accounts soundcloud page, making them appear as realistic as any genuine user account. Realistic accounts is the key to long lasting, value adding accounts pointing towards your real soundcloud page.

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