Google plus is an unmined site to promote your music. Post up your tracks, search and follow users, like posts and watch your follower numbers grow. The great thing about Google plus for your soundcloud promotion is that the Google Plus social platform is being more and more integrated with Youtube, with gmail. Get access to users across the biggest sites on the web.

By posting your tracks up, whether it is new tracks, repeat postings, drive users from google plus to your soundcloud page and not only boost your follows on google plus but also on Soundcloud.

Google plus is crammed full of all possible communities you can imagine. For every music type, subgenre, productions, reviews, tips and feedback and more. Join all these communities, post your tracks to communities, comment on other tracks, follow members, community contributors and more.

Whats more, Google Plus is under automated at this time, get in there whilst the going is good and easy and maximise your soundcloud promotion using Google plus and the rootjazz google plus bot