soundcloud-promotionWhen you run your Soundcloud promotion actions, whether it be liking / following / reposting other tracks, you want to make sure you make these actions as realistic as possible. You don't want to find your self on the receiving end of a direct message
"Hey, why you liking my track? No one has listened to it for 2 months!"


Looking at the tabs in Soundcloud Manager, you will see the option to "Play" (or perhaps "play track"). If checked, Soundcloud Manager will play the track first using your user account. So if the Soundcloud artist of the track you are liking (if you are following an account, then a random track is selected to play) checks, there will see your "like" or "repost" is genuine as you did actually listen to the track before interacting with it.

If you really want to make your actions count, similar to the "play" option, you will see check boxes, to like / repost / play / download a track before you perform the main action. An artist noticing these, will be much more inclined to check our your tracks and follow you back for appearing as a genuine user.

Now, you have your effective actions setup, you want to make sure you are making the best use of your promotional campaigns. By this we mean, actioning on users who are likely to check your tracks out. This starts by performing targeted searches to find users who have already shown an interest in your musical styles / genres, but also to make sure they are still active on Soundcloud. There is no point in actioning on a user who hasn't logged into Soundcloud for over a year. For this, we will be using the Soundcloud FILTER options, found on every action tab in Soundcloud Manager. Clicking the button, will bring up a form, allowing you to specify every conceivable option to filter on your promotion run. But for now, we will just use the "active since" control to specify that the user must have been active on Soundcloud within the past 30 days.

With the two above tips, you should find your Soundcloud campaigns are more successful and bring your more followers, more listeners, more likes, more comments and more reposts