Learning how to mass create soundcloud accounts is a skill you need to know as having access to Soundcloud accounts, opens up new Soundcloud promotional techniques to promote your soundcloud page. Using your accounts you can boost your soundcloud stats, give your tracks more likes, comment on your tracks, repost your tracks, add your tracks to more playlists, boost your follow numbers. All excellent soundcloud promotion techniques to have in your arsenal.

Many people seem to have issues bulk creating soundcloud accounts. They scrape a proxy list, enter their parameters and click create. Then wonder why they do not create many accounts and the logs are full of errors.

This basically boils down to proxies. Do you fully understand what proxies are? How they work? Why free public proxies may not be 100% functional, will be prone to fail or outright not work. These are not under the control of Soundcloud Manager and are external factors that you need to work with, verify and validate to improve your success rate in mass creating soundcloud accounts.

Regarding proxies. There is information on the forum



You also need to understand, every other user has the same list of public proxies, just as you can scrape public proxies, so can soundcloud so they are aware of the main proxies and block those. Again, beyond my control what Soundcloud does.

But, you can improve your success rate quite easily.

Firstly, validate your proxies, make sure they work and are anonymous.

Secondly, use the proxy plays trick to verify the list of proxies

When you use a proxy to increase a track plays, if it succeeds it is logged to your LOGS folder with the name


where XXXX is a timestamp i.e. 20130918_

So if you scrape 1000 proxies, then setup an action to increase any track by 500 plays, once the action has complete you can go to your logs folder via:


then look for the XXXXX_proxy-success.txt and that file will list all working proxies used for the plays action.

You can see this in the video tutorial:


Now with your verified list of proxies, you can create accounts with a better success rate. I won't lie, it won't be 100%, you will never get 100% with public proxies. For this kind of success rate, you would need to purchase proxy lists, this will guarantee fast, working proxies.

If you would like any more help, guidance, just let me know. Or if you want to go ahead with the refund, just let me know. Any feedback with the program would be gratefully received.