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Promoting your music has never been easier or within the grasp of every DJ, Producer, band or performing artist. The internet has been the great leveler for all. But for all the opporunties the internet and technology has brought us, there are now new challenges which need to be understood to truly get your music noticed.

Soundcloud is a fantastic platform for musicians. It not only makes it easier to upload your tracks for all to hear, it connects you directly to your fans / listeners and potentially new fans, new listeners. To understand how Soundcloud works, how users use Soundcloud means we can get our tracks noticed and listened to.

Soundcloud is a community of music fans. Proper music fans. You won't find teeny Justin Bieber fans who consume and dispose of whatever latest fad they are force fed via some bland, faceless marketing department of some major label. The majority of Soundcloud users are music fans. They are looking for new things to listen to, they are looking for up and coming artists. They are all the ball with genres / sub genres and more likely to be trend setters than trend followers.

With this in mind, we have to help these users find out tracks and when they do, make them want to listen to them.

For every track you upload, you must make sure it has a unique track image (and now you kid / partner / favourite TV star does not count). It should be eye catching and if possible somehow related to the track (although not essential).

Make sure track has some traction, make sure the track has some plays, some comments, some likes, some reposts. Doesn't need a lot, but it does need some.

Include a little track description. Doesn't need to be an essay, but something is better than nothing. If it is a DJ mix, describe the mix. If it makes use of some vintage hardware to get that unique sound, mention it. Your potential fans are interested - these are Soundcloud users, not some disposable pop consuming radio listeners - they know - they care.

Get your track included in some playlists - get your friends to do it, your existing followers, reach out to other artists - you playlist some of their tracks get them to playlist there tracks.

Now when new users find your track it is looking in a good way and all buy screaming "LISTEN TO ME".

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