If you have read a few of our other posts on the Soundcloud Manager blog, or the forum, you may be under the impression that Soundcloud Manager is just for tech minded users "there are too many options", "it is too confusing", "I don't have time to learn the software" are a few complaints we used to get. With that in mind we implemented a no frills, beginner aimed, basic Soundcloud Promo module.

The Promo module was designed to be as simple and easy as possible to start getting exposure to your Soundcloud pages. It is literally a 3 step process (and that is dragging it out a bit!)

    <li>Open Soundcloud Manager: Goto PROMO MODULE</li>
    <li> Enter your username. Soundcloudmanager will automatically scrape your tracks and list all tags you have entered for your tracks, remove any which don't make sense (make a mental note to check all your tracks for tags which are not genres and won't help users find your tracks)</li>
    <li>Add some similar artists</li>

Then click the button.

Soundcloud Manager will create processes to setup an effective general Soundcloud Promotion campaign. It will follow / like / share / unfollow / unlike tracks and artists on Soundcloud. With no further input from yourself you can expect to see REAL traffic on your track pages, real plays, real new followers to your account, real comments, real likes and real reposts.

What is happening under the hood?

Using the tags you entered in the (2) point, Soundcloud Manager will use these to find similar tracks, it will then follow the artists of these tracks and like the tracks. The similar artists will have their followers / followings / users who interacted with their tracks scraped and they will be followed, their own tracks liked. When scraping these users, advanced filters are automatically used on to ensure the highest % of follow backs will be achieved.

Soundcloud manager will scrape all your tracks and using your track tags and the tags you specified scrape Soundcloud groups and match the most popular groups to your tracks. Your tracks will be shared to these groups for a few days and unshared, ensuring an equal distribution and making sure your tracks are not left in groups to drop out the lists out of sight and out of mind.

Keeping track of who you have followed and liked, Soundcloud Manager will also after a week, unfollow / unlike any artists / tracks who have not followed you back, keeping your overall followings / likes down well within safe Soundcloud limits.

There really is no need to ask any more "how do I promote my soundcloud page" or to complain you don't have time, it is less than a minutes of your time to gain real traction to your account and tracks. And don't forget if you are not satisfied with the results, a 100% guarantee. There is nothing to lose, simple, easy effection promotion for all,