Music promotion isn't something you perform once and then leave. It is something you have to be constantly aware of. How your tracks look on Soundcloud, is vitally important for your soundcloud promo. Getting people to find your tracks is one battle, making sure they grab the user's attention (or there ear) is another. Whether you are a DJ, Hip hop producer, in a band or a singer, the fundamentals of promoting your tracks is the same whatever platforum you are using, soundcloud, music magazine, online magazine, radio, internet radio, it is all the same promotion wise. Get the user's attention

Perform the following tips and stand above the rest.

Add a cover image to each track.

Make sure there is an image assigned to the track, if will get the users attention. Don't use the same image for every track. The image should, ideally be eye catching and related in someway to the track being promoted

Add a description to each track

Should go without saying, but add a quick description, describe the track, the mix, the production methods. As a new track you will be getting new users to your track, so include a few artist bio details. Make sure you promote your other tracks / social media platforms. Make it easy for the user to find out more information about you. Otherwise they have to go to the artist page, then search for the bio which may be a hidden text, perhaps they have to click another link to find your social profiles. Don't make it hard for them to find out more about you, promote yourseelf

Tags tag tags

Add tags, or should I say add revelant tags. Not your name, not the name of the track, users searching for these will find you anyway. But add genres, sub-genres. Make sure the first tag is the most appropriate and for the rest, add as many tags are you can. It helps users find your track. I repeat tags help users find your track, helps soundcloud now where to suggest your track. Tags are fundamental to your soundcloud promotion

Make sure your track has some social traction

Send a mailing, promote to your social platforms, facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram, youtube. Tell your fans about the new track, ask them to listen, like comment, repost. No one wants to listen to a track that has 0 listens,  0 likes, 0 reposts. If no one else likes and has listened, perhaps it isn't worth listening to for them either

Make the track title stand out

If it can catch the users eye as they are scrolling their stream or search results the better. A couple of ** or some other characters, not need to get crazy, but a few well placed can get the attention of the user browsing

Get the track out there as far and wide as you can

Announce to all your social media platforms, send out a few messages / emails to others asking for a repost (reposting syndicates your track to all THEIR followers). If you have a good following, offer to repost one of their tracks

Request feedback / interaction

When contacting your fans to have a listen, simply asking for feedback / comments / likes / reposts will increase the count. Don't forget to remind them

Engage your listeners

Again, contact them, reply to comments, reply to messages, be reachable, be engaging

Now your tracks are all prepared for the users that will come. But promotion doesn't stop there. Repost your track to your stream yourself every so often as this will push the track out to your followers who may have missed it the first time. Unrepost / Repost the track every week to begin with then less so as there is a fine line between promoting a track successfully and annoying users

Good luck