Rootjazz software productions have just released TwitterDub, the Ultimate Twitter promotion tool. Used in conjunction with SoundcloudManager, it can keep you engaged with your soundcloud followers and get your music promoted to a wider audience.

Music promotion and by definition Soundcloud Promotion is all about outreaching to a wide as audience as possible, utilising all Social Media platforms. Keeping your music fresh in the mind of existing fans and getting it listened to by potential new fans.

By using Twitter as a Soundcloud promotion platform, you can keep fans up-to-date with what you are doing, new tracks you are working on, release teasers, video diaries and special Twitter tracks by publish a private track URL. All getting your social media account more likes, more retweets and directing that traffic to your soundcloud where users will like, listen, repost, add to playlists, widening the reach of your tracks.

TwitterDub, really is a hands free promotion tool, enter a few keywords, some similar accounts and it will steadily build you a huge Twitter following. Setup some auto-posting tweet actions, to keep posting your tracks from Soundcloud every week, hook into your RSS feeds to syndicate your social plaforms to twitter, automatically upload images / videos / links and more. Constantly keeping you engaged with the twitter crowd.