Social media and soundcloud promotion success

Promoting your music online can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. However, there are certain basics you should make sure you have covered. Just covering the basics in music promotion, will put in on the right path to be successful in getting yourself noticed ahead of 95% of the pack. Check through the follow starting points and make sure you haven`t missed anything

  • Ensure a full social media profile. Soundcloud, is undoubtably the leading music social network, but this doesn`t mean you should ignore the others! Make sure you have a profile on all the major networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Tumblr, Mixcloud, Beatport. Each social network usually allows you to enter the profiles of your other profiles and will cross link them, in some cases you can agree to have one social network post to another, do it. This helps keep all networks updated with fresh content when you update just one profile, a great step towards a successful social media presense
  • Fill in all your details. Make sure each social network has a complete profile, avatar, images, contact details, bio, links to your website/s, links to your shop (if you have one)
  • Keep your social media profiles updated. People don`t need to know what you had for breakfast, but don`t leave them as ghost towns. Post up new tracks, relevent updates
  • Make sure all your Soundcloud tracks have a track image (prefably unique) and a full description
  • Ensure your Soundcloud tracks are not socially empty. Nothing screams "not worth listening to" than a track with 0 plays, 0 likes, 0 comments. When you release a track, at the very list hit up your followers and let them know about a track and ask for feedback / likes / reposts.

The next steps to a successful Soundcloud profile is more of a mindset and understanding how social media works. They are called "social" medias, they idea is to be social.

  • Stay engaged: Keep your Soundcloud profile regularly updated with fresh content
  • Interactive with others: Follow artists you like. Like tracks you enjoy. Repost tracks you love. Message artists with questions. "Reap what you sow" is an apt saying, but it really is. The more you interact, the more followers and action you will see on your tracks.
  • Respond to everyone who took the time out to contact you, whether by track comments or direct messages.

And perhaps most importantly of all, keep creating great music, perhaps the most important aspect of all for your Soundcloud Promotion