For running a successfully Soundcloud Promotion campaign, you will need a means to automate all the actions you want to run. soundcloud-bot-automation This automation is achieved with a bot. A bot is basically a command centre that will perform all the actions you tell it to, when you tell it to.

The bot will run in the background of your machine and perform all your soundcloud actions, that will help get your tracks out to a wider audience. Will get your Soundcloud profile in front of more users. Will make your Soundcloud profile and tracks stand out about the rest.

You could do all this manually, as there is no magic to use a bot tool to perform these actions. Everything the bot does, you can do in the browser. The question is, is it a good use of your time to sit there for hours on end, clicking and scrolling and clicking? Do you value your time? How much do you value your evenings? Wouldn't your time be better spent actually creating / playing music? Isn't that what you want? Not spend your time trying to drill through Soundclouds results pages, trying to find users who may be interested in your music, then checking out their profiles...

There are a few Soundcloud bots out there, but there is one that stands head and shoulders about them all, the best Soundcloud bot of, Soundcloud Manager. No other bot is fully guaranteed that you will be more than satisfied. No over bot provides 100% Soundcloud automation of all features, of all options, of all searches.

Soundcloud Manager has just had a major update for the new release of the v3.00 branch, full statistics reporting of your tracks, your account stats, view your converted followers - find out from what actions you ran your followers came from. A new custom search module allow you to feed the results of one search automatically into another search ad-infinitum. Never again will you run out of users to action upon.

If you are serious about your Soundcloud Promotion, and you should be, then you need a Soundcloud Bot, you need a Soundcloud manager, you need "SoundcloudManager"