realistic and effective soundcloud promotion

When you perform your actions through a Soundcloud bot, you must make sure they appear as realistic as possible. Think about how you use Soundcloud. You don't follow a new profile every 10 seconds 40 times in a row. You will click a profile, listen to a track or two, like the tracks you like, repost the tracks you love and follow the artist. Sometimes this could take 1 minute sometimes 10 minutes. This is how we want to run our Soundcloud promotion through your soundcloud bot.

Luckily, Soundcloud Manager makes this easy with the use of the Advanced Pre-Actions and the Random Pause. When creating a follow action to help you gain new followers, don't try and do it all too quickly, take your time. Set a random pause of: 60 seconds to 900 seconds (1 minute to 15 minutes). Yes the bot could perform these actions quicker, but that isn't realistic. Just leave the program running in the background doing it's thing

Soundcloud Manager Advanced Additional Interactions Options

Soundcloud Manager will allow you to specify the following:

  • How many tracks to play. You can select these randomly from the profile before you follow, or the most recent.
  • How many times should you play each track. Do you sometimes love a track? Listen to it 2 times, 3 times, 5 times? Yes. Then have the bot do that.
  • Fluctuate plays. You perhaps don't listen to every track 5 times, so have soundcloud manager listen to each track 1 to 5 times.
  • Download all tracks. If the track is downloadable, then Soundcloud Manager can download it as well.
  • Like the tracks (% perform applies)
  • Repost the tracks (% perform applies)
  • % perform. You may not want to like / repost each track, so set a %. i.e 50% means you will like or repost half the tracks

Why this makes sense

So why would you want to do the above? Surely it just makes your actions take longer to run? As stated above this all adds to realism, which not only ensures Soundcloud doesn't think you are a bot, but if the artist is checking out his new followers, then may wonder why you are following them if you never listend to any of their tracks, never liked their music, never reposted. Why would you be interested in this artist? The follow to get followers method well known now so we want to avoid being spotted. By being realistic, if the artist checks, there is no doubt you are genuinely interested in their music if you have listened to multiple tracks, liked a selection and even listened to some tracks multiple times. If these interactions are noticed then it is only human nature for the artist to check our your profile, seeing as you spent so much time on their profile and tracks.