How to promote my soundcloud, this is something I get asked all the time! The good news is, everything you need is in SoundcloudManager.

Firstly, lets get the easy things out of the way.

Go to the Soundcloud Artist Analysiss tab.

SoundcloudManager will then scan all your tracks and profile and make suggestions on how you can improve the appearance of these tracks. Although the music should speak for itself, with so many tracks on Soundcloud vying for the listeners attention, we need to make sure our tracks catch the users eye and makes them want to listen.

So make sure

  • Your track has a picture
  • Your track has a description
  • Your track has at least some plays and comments and likes and reposts
  • Your artist profile is complete with bio, site links, social media links
  • Your account follows and has followers (we need to be good members of the soundcloud community)

Now your soundcloud tracks are looking good, lets start to promote then via the soundcloud channels.

Share your tracks to promote your soundcloud tracks

Find active soundcloud groups for your genre and share your tracks to these groups. Make use of the filters in Soundcloud Manager to avoid sharing to groups with no members, you may want to avoid moderated groups or you may only want to share to moderated groups (sharing to moderated groups requires a greater filtering of the groups list to make sure you are not showing to a non-related genre group)

Set up a share and unshare routine so your tracks are shared for 3 days or so to each group, before being unshared and shared to the next group in the list. Remember when you share your track to a group it goes on top of the list, then slowly works its way down the list.

Be a good soundcloud member to promote your soundcloud profile

It isn't all take take take. Make sure you follow other users, like other tracks, repost other tracks. When doing this, do your best to hit the user with all you have, so use the options to play the track, download the track before you like. Before following a user, make sure you play / like / download a random track of the user. By doing this, the user gets more notifications that you interacted with them and more likely to check you out, plus it makes you seem like a real user. Who follows a user if you never listened to a track? (the other soundcloud bots that's who). Who comments on a track that hasn't had a play for over a month? Bots, that's who. Use these features to make your actions appear realistic and increase their effectiveness


This is a bit of a touchy subject, as it can quickly lead to spam. But a fine tuned messaging campaign is incredibly effective in reaching out to potential fans. But you must put the leg work in. Create a HIGHLY targeted list. Make sure the users are active, make sure they are interested in your genre, make sure they are involved in soundcloud and not just a famous "name" who has a social media manager uploading tracks for them. Do they like tracks? Do they comment on tracks, if so, then there is a good change they will interact with you. A simple message like, "hi, just writing to say I liked your track #rand_track_url#, good work" will get you a high response rate. But don't send out the same message, use spintax, use multiple messages in rotation and I have said it once, I say it again, go steady, go careful.

With the above soundcloud promotion advice, you will be gaining new soundcloud followers left right and centre.

Good luck