Soundcloud Manager Proxy control

The proxy control will allow you to

  • scrape proxies

  • verify proxies

  • filter proxies

Basically it allows you to do everything you need to do to find some working public proxies. But as with anything in life, the more you put in the more you get out.

The list of URLs used to scrape from can be found via the

SETTINGS TAB > PROXY URLS button (in the proxy group of settings)

Click that button and a text file opens with the list of websites. Now, you can your own list of websites here. And I recommend you do. Otherwise you are scraping the same sites as ALL OTHER SOUNDCLUD MANAGER USERS. Bit of effort to find some new sites and you will get some proxies that are not used and abused by other members.

Back to the PROXY CONTROL, click the SCRAPE button. After a few seconds or so, you should see a pop up saying you have scraped XXXX proxies.

All good.

But many of these will not work, as the websites that list these proxies do not check them so often.

For some features this doesn't matter, for example the PLAYS tab. Just use whatever proxies you scrape, and click INCREASE PLAYS. Many fail, but many don't and you can just let it run.

IF you want to VERIFY your proxies that

1) they work

2) they do not leak your IP

Click the VERIFY button. You have some options






ANON means the standard IP header does not contain your IP

HIGH ANON means NO header leaks your IP such as X-FORWARDED-BY

POST means the proxy allows sending of data

POST ANON  / POST HIGH ANON are just combinations.

Sometimes you only want to list PROXIES from certain countries.

Click FILTER IN to filter IN proxies from certain countries. In the box, enter the country name or country abbreviation.

On the flip side, you can filter OUT countries in a similar way via the FILTER OUT button.

There is also a box CHECK SOUNDCLOUD.COM, this means the site will be pulled with the proxy, to ensure the proxy is not blacklisted by