classic soundcloud search killed - soundcloud manager upgraded to v2 / next soundcloud


As you may know, our friends are Soundcloud have decided to kill classic search.

As may or may not know, Soundcloud Manager automated the Classic website for it's automation botting functionality. So today when they finally pulled the killswitch, all the classic Soundcloud search functionality with Soundcloud Manager ceased to function. The life of a bot dev I suppose.

Well, my plans for a nice and easy Friday afternoon with hopes to finish at 6pm were swiftly shelved and frantic coding resulted in Soundcloud Manager now providing FULL search functionality automation of V2 Soundcloud. I believe this makes Soundcloud Manager the only "V2 Soundcloud Bot".

Whilst adding this new functionality, the benefits that were pointed out to me recently of interacting with Soundcloud tracks that are just uploaded with the Search and Like Soundcloud functionality (if a track was uploaded in the last hour, chances are the user is still online and actively looking at the stats for their track) resulting in more users checking our YOUR profile, listening to YOUR tracks, liking YOUR tracks which is what we want, yes? With this in mind, the new search routines all scrape date information where relevant and return the list of results in date order for your processing / saving.

A new scrape functionality has been added, allowing you to scrape User lists based on tracks returned by a search. Meaning you can scrape users who just uploaded a track as recently as an hour ago.

These updates are on the Testing Branch of Soundcloud Manager, from within the app select HELP > UPDATE > TESTING.

As these are some major changes, do inform us of any issues / difficulties you run into and they will be fixed ASAP

Mr Jazz

soundcloud promotion


Are you interested in learning how to Gain  Real Soundcloud Followers?

Want to know how to get more Track Plays?

Like to know the secret to more user interaction with your Soundcloud Artist Page?

If the answer is yes, then read on....

Soundcloud is THE place for musicians to host their tracks, engage existing fans, find new fans and promote their tracks to a wider audience.

But with so many artists and tracks out there, just throwing up some tracks and hoping users stumble upon them just isn't enough.

If you prepared to put some effort into your Soundcloud Promotion, the rewards can be great.

This is why you need a manager, a Soundcloud Manager.

Introducing the Ultimate in Soundcloud Promotion tools, Soundcloud Manager. Soundcloud Manager is an automation suite of tools that automatically manages your Soundcloud Promotion.

It can be used to give your new tracks a starting boost by:

  • Increase Soundcloud Plays

  • Increase Soundcloud Downloads

  • Increase Soundcloud Favourites / Likes

  • Increase Soundcloud Comments

  • Increase Soundcloud Reposts

Stats are stats and not the most important concept in your promotion strategy. HOWEVER, when a user does find your track, it has been proved if the track has no plays, no comments, no likes, no repost. Then they are unlikely to listen to it.  With so much music out there to check out, there just isn't time to listen to it all. That is why, a boost of your stats will give the subconscious  social signal "this track is worth listening to".

But where the Soundcloud Manager really shines is gaining you

  • Real Followers

  • Real Plays from actual users

  • Real Comments from actual users

  • Real Favourites / Likes from actual users

This is achieved by interacting with other users / tracks. When you follow / like / listen / repost / comment on other tracks, the artist gets a notification. More often than not they will check out the profile of the user who interacted with their account. Now the music does the talking.

Soundcloud Manager can handle all interactions that can be done via the website, including

  • Follow and unfollow

  • Search and Favourite (and unfav)

  • Search and comment

  • Repost Tracks

  • Search and play other tracks (to a less extent)

more info on organic promotional methods

And do not forget, this all happens automatically, simple set up the process with a few clicks and let it run. You can even instruct the process to repeat itself every  X number of hours for truly Automated Promotions

Of course you need to interact with users who potentially will like your music. If you are a hiphop producer, you perhaps don't want to waste your energies trying to get a teenage commerical pop fan to be interested in your music, it isn't going to happen. This is why Soundcloud Manager provides the most Advanced Scraping / Searching / Filtering / Statistics module of ANY other Soundcloud promotional tool, including:

  • User location search* Track search

  • Scrape users who are follows of...

  • Scrape users who are followed by...

  • Scrape users who commented on Track...

  • Scrape users in group .

  • Scrape users who shared a track to a group

  • Scrape tracks shared to a group

  • Scrape users from any Soundcloud Classic search URL

  • Scrape tracks favourited / liked by user...

  • Scrape tracks by genre

  • Scrape tracks by date upload

  • Filter users by location

  • Filter users by genres of tracks upload

  • Filter users by number of followers

  • Filter users by number of Tracks

  • Filter users by number of comments made

  • Filter users by number of tracks favourited / liked

  • Filter tracks by weekly plays

  • Filter tracks by weekly comments

  • Filter tracks by weekly favourites / likes

  • Filter tracks by total plays

  • Filter tracks by total comments

  • Filter tracks by total favourites / likes

  • Filter tracks by genre

  • Filter tracks by date uploaded

  • Details user statistics

  • Detailed group statistics

and more

With this highly targeted list of users / tracks the possibilities of what you can do are endless.

Got a gig coming up in a new city you not played in before? Then target users from that city to drum up some heads in the crowd.

Got a new track coming out in a new style, let the fans of that genre know about it.

Keep sharing and unsharing a track to the most traffic Soundcloud Groups for your genre (thus keeping your track in the top position for that group!)

For more information on Soundcloud Manager, for purchase information


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soundcloud follow bot

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soundcloud comment bot

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soundcloud bot free

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