creating fake soundcloud accounts


Learning how to mass create soundcloud accounts is a skill you need to know as having access to Soundcloud accounts, opens up new Soundcloud promotional techniques to promote your soundcloud page. Using your accounts you can boost your soundcloud stats, give your tracks more likes, comment on your tracks, repost your tracks, add your tracks to more playlists, boost your follow numbers. All excellent soundcloud promotion techniques to have in your arsenal.

Many people seem to have issues bulk creating soundcloud accounts. They scrape a proxy list, enter their parameters and click create. Then wonder why they do not create many accounts and the logs are full of errors.

This basically boils down to proxies. Do you fully understand what proxies are? How they work? Why free public proxies may not be 100% functional, will be prone to fail or outright not work. These are not under the control of Soundcloud Manager and are external factors that you need to work with, verify and validate to improve your success rate in mass creating soundcloud accounts.

Regarding proxies. There is information on the forum

You also need to understand, every other user has the same list of public proxies, just as you can scrape public proxies, so can soundcloud so they are aware of the main proxies and block those. Again, beyond my control what Soundcloud does.

But, you can improve your success rate quite easily.

Firstly, validate your proxies, make sure they work and are anonymous.

Secondly, use the proxy plays trick to verify the list of proxies

When you use a proxy to increase a track plays, if it succeeds it is logged to your LOGS folder with the name


where XXXX is a timestamp i.e. 20130918_

So if you scrape 1000 proxies, then setup an action to increase any track by 500 plays, once the action has complete you can go to your logs folder via:


then look for the XXXXX_proxy-success.txt and that file will list all working proxies used for the plays action.

You can see this in the video tutorial:

Now with your verified list of proxies, you can create accounts with a better success rate. I won't lie, it won't be 100%, you will never get 100% with public proxies. For this kind of success rate, you would need to purchase proxy lists, this will guarantee fast, working proxies.

If you would like any more help, guidance, just let me know. Or if you want to go ahead with the refund, just let me know. Any feedback with the program would be gratefully received.

how to promote my soundcloud


How to promote my soundcloud, this is something I get asked all the time! The good news is, everything you need is in SoundcloudManager.

Firstly, lets get the easy things out of the way.

Go to the Soundcloud Artist Analysiss tab.

SoundcloudManager will then scan all your tracks and profile and make suggestions on how you can improve the appearance of these tracks. Although the music should speak for itself, with so many tracks on Soundcloud vying for the listeners attention, we need to make sure our tracks catch the users eye and makes them want to listen.

So make sure

  • Your track has a picture
  • Your track has a description
  • Your track has at least some plays and comments and likes and reposts
  • Your artist profile is complete with bio, site links, social media links
  • Your account follows and has followers (we need to be good members of the soundcloud community)

Now your soundcloud tracks are looking good, lets start to promote then via the soundcloud channels.

Share your tracks to promote your soundcloud tracks

Find active soundcloud groups for your genre and share your tracks to these groups. Make use of the filters in Soundcloud Manager to avoid sharing to groups with no members, you may want to avoid moderated groups or you may only want to share to moderated groups (sharing to moderated groups requires a greater filtering of the groups list to make sure you are not showing to a non-related genre group)

Set up a share and unshare routine so your tracks are shared for 3 days or so to each group, before being unshared and shared to the next group in the list. Remember when you share your track to a group it goes on top of the list, then slowly works its way down the list.

Be a good soundcloud member to promote your soundcloud profile

It isn't all take take take. Make sure you follow other users, like other tracks, repost other tracks. When doing this, do your best to hit the user with all you have, so use the options to play the track, download the track before you like. Before following a user, make sure you play / like / download a random track of the user. By doing this, the user gets more notifications that you interacted with them and more likely to check you out, plus it makes you seem like a real user. Who follows a user if you never listened to a track? (the other soundcloud bots that's who). Who comments on a track that hasn't had a play for over a month? Bots, that's who. Use these features to make your actions appear realistic and increase their effectiveness


This is a bit of a touchy subject, as it can quickly lead to spam. But a fine tuned messaging campaign is incredibly effective in reaching out to potential fans. But you must put the leg work in. Create a HIGHLY targeted list. Make sure the users are active, make sure they are interested in your genre, make sure they are involved in soundcloud and not just a famous "name" who has a social media manager uploading tracks for them. Do they like tracks? Do they comment on tracks, if so, then there is a good change they will interact with you. A simple message like, "hi, just writing to say I liked your track #rand_track_url#, good work" will get you a high response rate. But don't send out the same message, use spintax, use multiple messages in rotation and I have said it once, I say it again, go steady, go careful.

With the above soundcloud promotion advice, you will be gaining new soundcloud followers left right and centre.

Good luck

soundcloud promotion: creating a bot army


One of the tasks which is vital for some of the advanced soundcloud promotional techniques I have talked about and will be talking about, is "how to bulk create accounts".

The premise is simple.

    <li>1) Get a working proxy list</li>
    <li>2) Buy a list of working pop enabled email addresses</li>
    <li>3) Click "Create Accounts"</li>

    And that really is it. But of course, the devil is in the details.

    So how do you get a working list of proxies. Well Soundcloud Manager does scrape proxies for you. But you will be scraping the same list as every other Soundcloud Manager user, also every other proxy user and their dog could be using the same proxies. Proxies are just listed on public websites for anyone to come along and use, and they do, in their thousands.

    Hence why many proxies do not work, they are maxed out. Or have been abused and removed. Or whatever, the short of it is, many proxies don't work off the bat. Regarding proxies. There is information on the forum

    So we need to validate the proxies. But if you have a 1000 proxies and 50% don't work, that is 500 proxies timing out at 30 seconds, that is.... errrr a long time. Yes we can multi thread this, but still it is a long wait. And even then, a proxy that validated now, may not work in 10 minutes, so is still no guarantee. But a validated list is better than none.

    Another way, and my personal favourite is to to use the proxies to give some play boosts. The proxy plays trick I Call it. When you use a proxy to increase a track plays, if it succeeds it is logged to your LOGS folder with the name


    where XXXX is a timestamp i.e. 20130918_

    So if you scrape 1000 proxies, then setup an action to increase any track by 500 plays, once the action has complete you can go to your logs folder via:


    then look for the XXXXX_proxy-success.txt and that file will list all working proxies used for the plays action.

    You can see this in the video tutorial:

    Now we have a list of working proxies (or proxies that worked remember) and some plays to boot, two birds, one stone and all.

    But these proxies are still in use by all other soundcloud manager users. If you really want to go pro in your bot army creation, the next step up is private / shared proxies. But these cost. Probably around the $1 per proxy mark, but as in life, you get what you pay for. Fast, effective and solid.

    So now we have our proxies in order to bulk create soundcloud accounts for our promotional soundcloud strategies, we can create accounts. Soundcloud allows you to create unverified accounts , this is, accounts where you do not click the verification link that is emailed to. These accounts still work, the only exception is, they cannot message (and perhaps not comment, brain is shutting down for the weekend). There is debate whether they are more likely to get banned, the jury is out. verdict undecided.

    The next option is to buy POP enabled email addresses. But what is POP enabled you ask, well there is this thing called google, it can tell you.

    Basically, a pop enabled email lets Soundcloud Manager access, read and click email links, verifying your accounts for you.

    And really that is all you need to do to create your accounts for your soundcloud promotion. There are further settings as you would come to expect from the fully customisable soundcloud bot, such as custom usernames, random male or female names, a bio description and a few other tit-bits.

    Now go forth and use your accounts wisely, don't over do things, slow and steady build up real followers to these soundcloud accounts, then regularly repost your tracks, add your tracks to plays lists, causing your tracks to be syndicated to all the followers of the bot actions.

    advanced soundcloud promotion


    In keeping with trying to post more, here's an advanced technique you use to get your Soundcloud profile noticed that some of you may not know about.

    When a a soundcloud user, reposts your track, it is not only reposted to the stream of the user who reposted the track, but it is syndicated to all the followers of that user as well!

    If that user has 1000 followers, that is a 1000 users who will know have your track in their soundcloud stream! Most users, on seeing a track reposted by one of their friends will give it a listen (assuming the track "looks" good, more on this in a future post). That is potentiall a 1000 soundcloud plays for your tracks and undoubtedly a few likes, comments and other reposts.

    Wouldn't it be great if you could get other accounts to repost your tracks. Well you can if you control multiple accounts. Running a bot army of realistic accounts, all with their own genuine, real followers is a great promotion method to really get your tracks syndicated out there and into the streams of a serious number of soundcloud users.

    SoundcloudManager, makes it easy to mass create accounts, then run these accounts to gain followers. All promotion modules within SoundcloudManager (likes, follow, repost, comment) can be run with the option "shared across accounts". This options, makes your army of accounts work as one for greater effectiveness.

    When your accounts run as one, they will not action on the same users. So if you have 10 accounts and instruct them to follow a 1000 users each, that will be 10,000 unique users! The accounts will remember which account did what and even in the future, will not action on an item already actioned on by another member of your bot army accounts.

    Don't forget, when creating your actions, to filter who you are actioning on. Try to always action on active users, users more likely to reply, users you WANT as your followers, users who will be into your music. Follow this advice and your follow numbers of REAL fans will soon start to skyrocket.

    Stay tuned for more advanced soundcloud promotion techniques

    turbo charged soundcloud promotion


    Been a while since I have blogged, since the last post Soundcloud Manager has gone from strength to the strength furthering it's lead as the #1 Soundcloud promotion tool used by artists, labels, professionals and amatuer music producers today. No other Soundcloud bot comes close to the rich array of features, robustness, support and quality of Soundcloud Manager.

    Since the last post, the Soundcloud Promo module was added, in a few clicks get up and running with multiple soundcloud bot actions, that will bring in 100s of new followers each week.

    Run the Soundcloud Manager account analyser on your account to see some suggestions on how you can improve the appearance of your tracks to users who see them. Yes appearance does matter. Make sure you tick off all these suggestions so no new fan is lost.

    More and more filters have been added, so you can really lazer target your soundcloud promotions to the users who would be into your music. From track filters, to artist filters and now group filters, there really is nothing you cannot do with Soundcloud Manager.

    The above with the basic fundamentals of follow, like, repost, comment on daily repeats will really drive your fan base and music's exposure!

    soundcloudmanager - the best just got better


    If anyone is interested in getting the latest major update, in app select HELP > UPDATE > TESTING BRANCH

    UNIQUE V2 feature to SoundcloudManager, if there was any doubt, it has now been wiped out, SoundcloudManager is without doubt the best Soundcloud Bot

    • V2 Messaging (can share multiple tracks, just include a link)

    • V2 Group shares (no longer get status 500 errors when you share to groups with 10k+ members)

    • V2 Reposting! Shit off a shovel fast, no more browser module.

    Next up is a Search and Repost module. As now it is fast it opens up new possibilities for interaction with other accounts.

    Coming soon, playlist creations and auto-playlist creations!