Make your Soundcloud Promotion more realistic

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realistic and effective soundcloud promotion

When you perform your actions through a Soundcloud bot, you must make sure they appear as realistic as possible. Think about how you use Soundcloud. You don't follow a new profile every 10 seconds 40 times in a row. You will click a profile, listen to a track or two, like the tracks you like, repost the tracks you love and follow the artist. Sometimes this could take 1 minute sometimes 10 minutes. This is how we want to run our Soundcloud promotion through your soundcloud bot.

Luckily, Soundcloud Manager makes this easy with the use of the Advanced Pre-Actions and the Random Pause. When creating a follow action to help you gain new followers, don't try and do it all too quickly, take your time. Set a random pause of: 60 seconds to 900 seconds (1 minute to 15 minutes). Yes the bot could perform these actions quicker, but that isn't realistic. Just leave the program running in the background doing it's thing

Soundcloud Manager Advanced Additional Interactions Options

Soundcloud Manager will allow you to specify the following:

  • How many tracks to play. You can select these randomly from the profile before you follow, or the most recent.
  • How many times should you play each track. Do you sometimes love a track? Listen to it 2 times, 3 times, 5 times? Yes. Then have the bot do that.
  • Fluctuate plays. You perhaps don't listen to every track 5 times, so have soundcloud manager listen to each track 1 to 5 times.
  • Download all tracks. If the track is downloadable, then Soundcloud Manager can download it as well.
  • Like the tracks (% perform applies)
  • Repost the tracks (% perform applies)
  • % perform. You may not want to like / repost each track, so set a %. i.e 50% means you will like or repost half the tracks

Why this makes sense

So why would you want to do the above? Surely it just makes your actions take longer to run? As stated above this all adds to realism, which not only ensures Soundcloud doesn't think you are a bot, but if the artist is checking out his new followers, then may wonder why you are following them if you never listend to any of their tracks, never liked their music, never reposted. Why would you be interested in this artist? The follow to get followers method well known now so we want to avoid being spotted. By being realistic, if the artist checks, there is no doubt you are genuinely interested in their music if you have listened to multiple tracks, liked a selection and even listened to some tracks multiple times. If these interactions are noticed then it is only human nature for the artist to check our your profile, seeing as you spent so much time on their profile and tracks.

The First Steps to a Successful Social Media Profile

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Social media and soundcloud promotion success

Promoting your music online can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. However, there are certain basics you should make sure you have covered. Just covering the basics in music promotion, will put in on the right path to be successful in getting yourself noticed ahead of 95% of the pack. Check through the follow starting points and make sure you haven`t missed anything

  • Ensure a full social media profile. Soundcloud, is undoubtably the leading music social network, but this doesn`t mean you should ignore the others! Make sure you have a profile on all the major networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Tumblr, Mixcloud, Beatport. Each social network usually allows you to enter the profiles of your other profiles and will cross link them, in some cases you can agree to have one social network post to another, do it. This helps keep all networks updated with fresh content when you update just one profile, a great step towards a successful social media presense
  • Fill in all your details. Make sure each social network has a complete profile, avatar, images, contact details, bio, links to your website/s, links to your shop (if you have one)
  • Keep your social media profiles updated. People don`t need to know what you had for breakfast, but don`t leave them as ghost towns. Post up new tracks, relevent updates
  • Make sure all your Soundcloud tracks have a track image (prefably unique) and a full description
  • Ensure your Soundcloud tracks are not socially empty. Nothing screams "not worth listening to" than a track with 0 plays, 0 likes, 0 comments. When you release a track, at the very list hit up your followers and let them know about a track and ask for feedback / likes / reposts.

The next steps to a successful Soundcloud profile is more of a mindset and understanding how social media works. They are called "social" medias, they idea is to be social.

  • Stay engaged: Keep your Soundcloud profile regularly updated with fresh content
  • Interactive with others: Follow artists you like. Like tracks you enjoy. Repost tracks you love. Message artists with questions. "Reap what you sow" is an apt saying, but it really is. The more you interact, the more followers and action you will see on your tracks.
  • Respond to everyone who took the time out to contact you, whether by track comments or direct messages.

And perhaps most importantly of all, keep creating great music, perhaps the most important aspect of all for your Soundcloud Promotion

soundcloud bot - why your soundcloud promotion needs to be automated


For running a successfully Soundcloud Promotion campaign, you will need a means to automate all the actions you want to run. soundcloud-bot-automation This automation is achieved with a bot. A bot is basically a command centre that will perform all the actions you tell it to, when you tell it to.

The bot will run in the background of your machine and perform all your soundcloud actions, that will help get your tracks out to a wider audience. Will get your Soundcloud profile in front of more users. Will make your Soundcloud profile and tracks stand out about the rest.

You could do all this manually, as there is no magic to use a bot tool to perform these actions. Everything the bot does, you can do in the browser. The question is, is it a good use of your time to sit there for hours on end, clicking and scrolling and clicking? Do you value your time? How much do you value your evenings? Wouldn't your time be better spent actually creating / playing music? Isn't that what you want? Not spend your time trying to drill through Soundclouds results pages, trying to find users who may be interested in your music, then checking out their profiles...

There are a few Soundcloud bots out there, but there is one that stands head and shoulders about them all, the best Soundcloud bot of, Soundcloud Manager. No other bot is fully guaranteed that you will be more than satisfied. No over bot provides 100% Soundcloud automation of all features, of all options, of all searches.

Soundcloud Manager has just had a major update for the new release of the v3.00 branch, full statistics reporting of your tracks, your account stats, view your converted followers - find out from what actions you ran your followers came from. A new custom search module allow you to feed the results of one search automatically into another search ad-infinitum. Never again will you run out of users to action upon.

If you are serious about your Soundcloud Promotion, and you should be, then you need a Soundcloud Bot, you need a Soundcloud manager, you need "SoundcloudManager"

easy as 123, guide to promoting your music


If you have read a few of our other posts on the Soundcloud Manager blog, or the forum, you may be under the impression that Soundcloud Manager is just for tech minded users "there are too many options", "it is too confusing", "I don't have time to learn the software" are a few complaints we used to get. With that in mind we implemented a no frills, beginner aimed, basic Soundcloud Promo module.

The Promo module was designed to be as simple and easy as possible to start getting exposure to your Soundcloud pages. It is literally a 3 step process (and that is dragging it out a bit!)

    <li>Open Soundcloud Manager: Goto PROMO MODULE</li>
    <li> Enter your username. Soundcloudmanager will automatically scrape your tracks and list all tags you have entered for your tracks, remove any which don't make sense (make a mental note to check all your tracks for tags which are not genres and won't help users find your tracks)</li>
    <li>Add some similar artists</li>

Then click the button.

Soundcloud Manager will create processes to setup an effective general Soundcloud Promotion campaign. It will follow / like / share / unfollow / unlike tracks and artists on Soundcloud. With no further input from yourself you can expect to see REAL traffic on your track pages, real plays, real new followers to your account, real comments, real likes and real reposts.

What is happening under the hood?

Using the tags you entered in the (2) point, Soundcloud Manager will use these to find similar tracks, it will then follow the artists of these tracks and like the tracks. The similar artists will have their followers / followings / users who interacted with their tracks scraped and they will be followed, their own tracks liked. When scraping these users, advanced filters are automatically used on to ensure the highest % of follow backs will be achieved.

Soundcloud manager will scrape all your tracks and using your track tags and the tags you specified scrape Soundcloud groups and match the most popular groups to your tracks. Your tracks will be shared to these groups for a few days and unshared, ensuring an equal distribution and making sure your tracks are not left in groups to drop out the lists out of sight and out of mind.

Keeping track of who you have followed and liked, Soundcloud Manager will also after a week, unfollow / unlike any artists / tracks who have not followed you back, keeping your overall followings / likes down well within safe Soundcloud limits.

There really is no need to ask any more "how do I promote my soundcloud page" or to complain you don't have time, it is less than a minutes of your time to gain real traction to your account and tracks. And don't forget if you are not satisfied with the results, a 100% guarantee. There is nothing to lose, simple, easy effection promotion for all,

promoting your soundcloud page - the basics


Promoting your Soundcloud can be as simple or complicated as you want. But the basics can be described easily as

1) Find users who may potentially be interested in your music

2) Interact with them

and that's it. Simple yes?

So lets look at each step in the above soundcloud promotion steps

Step1: Find users who may potentially be interested in your music

There are many ways to find artists / users who may be interested in your music. Users who follow a similar artist. Artists who have uploaded a track with a particular genre. Users who are in a particular group. Users who have contributed a track to a group. Users who have liked / commented / reposted a track of a particular artist or a track with a particular tag.

All help you target your promotional campaign to users who are most likely to enjoy your music.

Step2: Interact with them

This is typically done by following the user, but can also be liking their track, reposting their track, commenting on their track or sending a direct message. For the astute of you, who are thinking, yes yes yes, why don't I do it all. Well of course you can!

As mentioned earlier, this is the basics, there are nuances and things to be aware of. What you can do (artists / tracks you can action or interact with) is limited by the Soundcloud limits. By being aware of this, we can make sure our actions are best spent on the Soundcloud artists who will be responsive to our promotions. This is where we move into the more advanced Soundcloud promotion technique of filtering. By ruling out accounts which meet or do not meet a certain criteria, we can increase the follow back of our actions (a follow back being where the artist follows our account).

The main filter to perform, is to ignore users who have not been active on Soundcloud recently. Another is to try and ignore fake / Soundcloud bot accounts. This can be done by making sure you are only going to interact with other accounts that have a minimum follower account, on accounts that include an avatar url, on accounts that have set a correct username and not using the default user2887384 style of name. Before we disappear too deep down the filtering rabbit hole (you can literally tweak and analyse your results to your hearts content) we will leave it at the basics of filtering.

Once all the above is setup, we would want to make sure our actions are repeated daily, to keep our promotions running every day, ensuring our follower count grows steadily, day in day out.

improve your soundcloud promotion with soundcloud manager


soundcloud-promotionWhen you run your Soundcloud promotion actions, whether it be liking / following / reposting other tracks, you want to make sure you make these actions as realistic as possible. You don't want to find your self on the receiving end of a direct message
"Hey, why you liking my track? No one has listened to it for 2 months!"


Looking at the tabs in Soundcloud Manager, you will see the option to "Play" (or perhaps "play track"). If checked, Soundcloud Manager will play the track first using your user account. So if the Soundcloud artist of the track you are liking (if you are following an account, then a random track is selected to play) checks, there will see your "like" or "repost" is genuine as you did actually listen to the track before interacting with it.

If you really want to make your actions count, similar to the "play" option, you will see check boxes, to like / repost / play / download a track before you perform the main action. An artist noticing these, will be much more inclined to check our your tracks and follow you back for appearing as a genuine user.

Now, you have your effective actions setup, you want to make sure you are making the best use of your promotional campaigns. By this we mean, actioning on users who are likely to check your tracks out. This starts by performing targeted searches to find users who have already shown an interest in your musical styles / genres, but also to make sure they are still active on Soundcloud. There is no point in actioning on a user who hasn't logged into Soundcloud for over a year. For this, we will be using the Soundcloud FILTER options, found on every action tab in Soundcloud Manager. Clicking the button, will bring up a form, allowing you to specify every conceivable option to filter on your promotion run. But for now, we will just use the "active since" control to specify that the user must have been active on Soundcloud within the past 30 days.

With the two above tips, you should find your Soundcloud campaigns are more successful and bring your more followers, more listeners, more likes, more comments and more reposts

promoting your tracks on soundcloud


Music promotion isn't something you perform once and then leave. It is something you have to be constantly aware of. How your tracks look on Soundcloud, is vitally important for your soundcloud promo. Getting people to find your tracks is one battle, making sure they grab the user's attention (or there ear) is another. Whether you are a DJ, Hip hop producer, in a band or a singer, the fundamentals of promoting your tracks is the same whatever platforum you are using, soundcloud, music magazine, online magazine, radio, internet radio, it is all the same promotion wise. Get the user's attention

Perform the following tips and stand above the rest.

Add a cover image to each track.

Make sure there is an image assigned to the track, if will get the users attention. Don't use the same image for every track. The image should, ideally be eye catching and related in someway to the track being promoted

Add a description to each track

Should go without saying, but add a quick description, describe the track, the mix, the production methods. As a new track you will be getting new users to your track, so include a few artist bio details. Make sure you promote your other tracks / social media platforms. Make it easy for the user to find out more information about you. Otherwise they have to go to the artist page, then search for the bio which may be a hidden text, perhaps they have to click another link to find your social profiles. Don't make it hard for them to find out more about you, promote yourseelf

Tags tag tags

Add tags, or should I say add revelant tags. Not your name, not the name of the track, users searching for these will find you anyway. But add genres, sub-genres. Make sure the first tag is the most appropriate and for the rest, add as many tags are you can. It helps users find your track. I repeat tags help users find your track, helps soundcloud now where to suggest your track. Tags are fundamental to your soundcloud promotion

Make sure your track has some social traction

Send a mailing, promote to your social platforms, facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram, youtube. Tell your fans about the new track, ask them to listen, like comment, repost. No one wants to listen to a track that has 0 listens,  0 likes, 0 reposts. If no one else likes and has listened, perhaps it isn't worth listening to for them either

Make the track title stand out

If it can catch the users eye as they are scrolling their stream or search results the better. A couple of ** or some other characters, not need to get crazy, but a few well placed can get the attention of the user browsing

Get the track out there as far and wide as you can

Announce to all your social media platforms, send out a few messages / emails to others asking for a repost (reposting syndicates your track to all THEIR followers). If you have a good following, offer to repost one of their tracks

Request feedback / interaction

When contacting your fans to have a listen, simply asking for feedback / comments / likes / reposts will increase the count. Don't forget to remind them

Engage your listeners

Again, contact them, reply to comments, reply to messages, be reachable, be engaging

Now your tracks are all prepared for the users that will come. But promotion doesn't stop there. Repost your track to your stream yourself every so often as this will push the track out to your followers who may have missed it the first time. Unrepost / Repost the track every week to begin with then less so as there is a fine line between promoting a track successfully and annoying users

Good luck

promote your soundcloud through twitter


Rootjazz software productions have just released TwitterDub, the Ultimate Twitter promotion tool. Used in conjunction with SoundcloudManager, it can keep you engaged with your soundcloud followers and get your music promoted to a wider audience.

Music promotion and by definition Soundcloud Promotion is all about outreaching to a wide as audience as possible, utilising all Social Media platforms. Keeping your music fresh in the mind of existing fans and getting it listened to by potential new fans.

By using Twitter as a Soundcloud promotion platform, you can keep fans up-to-date with what you are doing, new tracks you are working on, release teasers, video diaries and special Twitter tracks by publish a private track URL. All getting your social media account more likes, more retweets and directing that traffic to your soundcloud where users will like, listen, repost, add to playlists, widening the reach of your tracks.

TwitterDub, really is a hands free promotion tool, enter a few keywords, some similar accounts and it will steadily build you a huge Twitter following. Setup some auto-posting tweet actions, to keep posting your tracks from Soundcloud every week, hook into your RSS feeds to syndicate your social plaforms to twitter, automatically upload images / videos / links and more. Constantly keeping you engaged with the twitter crowd.

soundcloud promotion


learn how to reall develop your soundcloud promotion soundcloud promotion logo

Promoting your music has never been easier or within the grasp of every DJ, Producer, band or performing artist. The internet has been the great leveler for all. But for all the opporunties the internet and technology has brought us, there are now new challenges which need to be understood to truly get your music noticed.

Soundcloud is a fantastic platform for musicians. It not only makes it easier to upload your tracks for all to hear, it connects you directly to your fans / listeners and potentially new fans, new listeners. To understand how Soundcloud works, how users use Soundcloud means we can get our tracks noticed and listened to.

Soundcloud is a community of music fans. Proper music fans. You won't find teeny Justin Bieber fans who consume and dispose of whatever latest fad they are force fed via some bland, faceless marketing department of some major label. The majority of Soundcloud users are music fans. They are looking for new things to listen to, they are looking for up and coming artists. They are all the ball with genres / sub genres and more likely to be trend setters than trend followers.

With this in mind, we have to help these users find out tracks and when they do, make them want to listen to them.

For every track you upload, you must make sure it has a unique track image (and now you kid / partner / favourite TV star does not count). It should be eye catching and if possible somehow related to the track (although not essential).

Make sure track has some traction, make sure the track has some plays, some comments, some likes, some reposts. Doesn't need a lot, but it does need some.

Include a little track description. Doesn't need to be an essay, but something is better than nothing. If it is a DJ mix, describe the mix. If it makes use of some vintage hardware to get that unique sound, mention it. Your potential fans are interested - these are Soundcloud users, not some disposable pop consuming radio listeners - they know - they care.

Get your track included in some playlists - get your friends to do it, your existing followers, reach out to other artists - you playlist some of their tracks get them to playlist there tracks.

Now when new users find your track it is looking in a good way and all buy screaming "LISTEN TO ME".

Want some help with the above? Check out Soundcloud Manager - it will analyse your tracks and inform you what you need to do to get them in a promotable way. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with your purchase, let us know and you will be refunded

google plus bot released


Google plus is an unmined site to promote your music. Post up your tracks, search and follow users, like posts and watch your follower numbers grow. The great thing about Google plus for your soundcloud promotion is that the Google Plus social platform is being more and more integrated with Youtube, with gmail. Get access to users across the biggest sites on the web.

By posting your tracks up, whether it is new tracks, repeat postings, drive users from google plus to your soundcloud page and not only boost your follows on google plus but also on Soundcloud.

Google plus is crammed full of all possible communities you can imagine. For every music type, subgenre, productions, reviews, tips and feedback and more. Join all these communities, post your tracks to communities, comment on other tracks, follow members, community contributors and more.

Whats more, Google Plus is under automated at this time, get in there whilst the going is good and easy and maximise your soundcloud promotion using Google plus and the rootjazz google plus bot